St Margaret's Virtual Tour - Science Wing
Science Wing
Science at St Margaret’s School encourages the natural curiosity and excitement of students in their studies of this important subject. Whether in a Junior School science session, working with senior student mentors in the Science Club or more formally as a member of a science class in the Senior School, experimentation, investigation and critical thinking are encouraged. Through practical work and research they gain a strong understanding of the scientific method and build an excellent knowledge base from which to launch their further science studies.

Students studying the Sciences at St Margaret’s School have access to high quality, modern equipment and large, well equipped and air-conditioned laboratories. The Science staff are all specialist and highly experienced teachers of science and are ably supported by a team of qualified laboratory technicians. Strong links with ‘real world’ scientists allow students to see the relevance of Science in the wider world.

Most of our girls choose to study at least one science at VCE and a very high proportion go on to study Science or Science based courses at University.