BGS High Achievers Assembly

One of the greatest highlights of our assembly agenda is the High Achievers Assembly, in which graduates of the class of the previous year come back and share their tips for success.

This year, we were fortunate enough to have three wonderful young men return and share what helped them to achieve outstanding ATARs.

James Agahi was Dux of 2019, and balanced his full academic schedule with Debating commitments and HPV. His main tip was to ask your teachers questions, and ensure you sit down with them to understand and be able to work with their feedback.  As James’ English teacher last year – I can attest to the value of this, and his commitment to this strategy.  He also advised balance in terms of work and relaxation, and advised against late nights and excessive partying that would make it difficult to study the following day.  James will begin a Science Degree at the University of Melbourne shortly, which he will follow by his dream course in Mechanical Engineering.

Mason Bursill was noted as one of our most diligent students last year, with some of the best study strategies which he shared at the assembly. Many were around motivation – about tackling easier or preferable tasks first so that you got into the mindset of study before tackling things that might cause you to procrastinate.  He also advised staying at school to get a couple of hours work done before going home – this gave him a sense of achievement and more motivation to continue.  Mason’s university studies take him to Monash for a Commerce degree.

Finally, we heard from Ashley Chandrasinghe.  Ashley had to balance his academic studies with his competitive cricket career, which often took him interstate on weekends.  The key to his success was discipline – he had to make sacrifices in terms of social life in order to do these things that matter to him well.  Ashley will join James at Melbourne University, studying Commerce.

Thanks to all the Old Boys for their advice, and to the Captains and Mrs McDonald for introducing them so beautifully.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys