Boys don’t Cry

One of the challenges we are confronted with as parents and educators is to equip our young people with the emotional literacy to express their emotions, in the space before they are challenged. Interestingly, one of the top performing universities in the world, Singapore University is conducting research and reshaping their programs to acknowledge the reality that their graduates had limited capacity to engage, build relationships and exhibit communication skills. There are a range of resources available to us as educators and parents to ensure we are aware of the challenges confronted by our young people and that we seek to equip them with the necessary resilience to confront the realities of life with confidence. We will, continually seek to build resilience making into our programs, most notably into our Wilderness opportunities provided by Outdoor Education but I thought this short film may be of interest to some parents. Designed to challenge stereotypical notion that Boys don’t Cry this short film was created by a 16 year old student, Jack Ward at a fellow IBSC school. It serves to remind us that boys can and should cry, and importantly as the adults in their lives we need to continually remind them that it is okay to do.