GSV Diving Championships

The GSV Diving Division 3 Championships was held at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre on Tuesday 19 March.

St Margaret’s had a team of 11 students participating. In the Junior category, Phoebe Doyle, Emilia Klarica, Sarah O’Connor and Scarlett McDonell. In the Intermediate category, Grace Quinn, Millie Keon-Cohen, Olivia Dowling and Angela Shahbaz. As well as Tahlia Lane, Tara Matheson and Ellie Ashwell in the Senior category. St Margaret’s finished in fifth place overall.

A shout out to Grace Quinn from Year 9 for an individual score of 66.85 and to Olivia Dowling of Year 10 for an individual score of 65.70. These are both excellent results. And a special mention to Angela Shahbaz of Year 9 for finishing in first place in her respective category.

The girls have improved in their ability and their belief throughout the season. And they are to be congratulated on exemplifying the school spirit through their determination and their resilience both at training and at competition.

Ms Camille Hudson
Physical Education Teacher