SIS Theatre Sports Workshops

In preparation for the upcoming SIS Theatre Sports competition to be held in Term 3, ten students from Year 8, 10 and 11 attended a Theatre Sports workshop run by professional improvisers from Improv Melbourne.

For those of you who don’t know what Theatre Sports involves, it’s a form of performance where scenes are based on audience suggestion.  It requires a creative and quick mind, along with team work.

The boy’s participated in a fun filled day where they learnt the skills required to think quickly on the spot and develop entertaining and humorous improvisations. Some of the games participated in were Death in a Minute, The Alphabet Game and Slow Motion commentary.

Involvement in Theatre Sports is becoming extremely popular at Berwick Grammar with the most number of boys ever showing their enthusiasm to participate. All boys had a fantastically fun day where they got to mingle with students from other schools and watch each other perform.

Auditions for the Theatre Sports Competition will be held early in Term 3 and is sure to be fierce competition.

Ms Loren Giorgetta