Student Leadership for 2019

It gives me great pleasure to announce and congratulate the students elected to Year 6 leadership positions for 2019.

Music Captains Sithuka Padukka Tijana-Mai Djukic
Sport Captains Thomas Battye Imaya Rajakaruna
Art Captains Siya Sehgal Megan Ayagama
Environment Captains Alex Rahim Holly Perry
Gipson Captains Senara Peiris Ahmad Rehman
Cunningham Captains Stefi Eibl Lauren Nelson
Campbell Captains Sarah Schreurs Jessica Van Es

Several staff and the Year 6 cohort heard all the 33 speeches late last week and they were all most impressive. Each child spoke with confidence and clarity and in their own individual style about how they would carry out the role. Excitingly, many students ‘put themselves out there’ for a position. To say the staff were proud of each child, is an understatement. As the new Head of School, I marvelled at the capacity and calibre of all the students. I reminded them of the importance of choosing the right person to lead in a position, not the most popular or the person you happen to like the most, but the right person. There was a real sense of ‘other’ when they spoke. They spoke about what they might do as captains and the ideas they have but importantly, of how they would involve others as they carry out their roles and responsibilities. One of the students talked about how you do not have to wear a shiny badge to be a leader. All the Year 6 students are leaders and have the capacity to do so, in many respects. The Year 6 students are buddies to younger children and have many opportunities to mix with these students, be good role models and help them. Many Year 6s will become peer mediators in the coming weeks as they assist in the playground to help resolve minor conflicts that can occur. All our Year 6 students represent our school during the Summer Lightning Premiership competition which is coming up on Monday 18 March. We wish them all the very best and know they will represent our school well.

We congratulate these newly elected student leaders for 2019; we will catch them when they fall because no-one is perfect, we will guide them and be there to help whenever they need it.

Ms Louise Sayar
Head of Junior School