COVID-19 – Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The wellbeing of all our students and families is of paramount importance to all at St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School. As we are aware, the COVID-19 virus geography and infection rates are continuing to grow across the world. For this reason, we will continue to communicate with our community as we take on board government recommendations and school community feedback.

The Senior Executive have met to make provisions for the School should the situation worsen and staff are being instructed as appropriate.

We would ask all to work together to ensure that our community remain as healthy as possible. Such considerations include:

  • All children and staff have been reminded of the importance of effective handwashing and how to cough
    and sneeze correctly. Instructions to this effect have been posted around the School and extra hand
    washing facilities have been provided.
  • Any student who is unwell should be kept home until they are completely well and have medical clearance
    to return.
  • Checking of home internet connections to ensure they are as robust as possible in the event of work being
    provided online.

We will notify the community if further measures are required.

We would ask all to monitor the situation especially regarding planning holiday trips over the term break. Please note that quarantine periods may be required if returning from international destinations and this may impact on your child’s learning.

The Victorian Government fact sheet providing advice and information about COVID-19 is available here.

You can also access further information and updates from the following websites:

We will continue to share information regarding the impact of COVID-19 on School operations as it becomes available.

Yours sincerely

Ms Annette Rome