Bursary Scheme

St. Margaret's Berwick Grammar offers a world class education in a community driven environment, where every child is known.

Our education program, which produces strong academic results while focusing leadership and character, is highly sought after by many families for their sons and daughters. Our Bursary Scheme is designed to provide the broadest possible access to our school for families by understanding individual circumstance and offering places where there are no waiting lists.

How does the Bursary Scheme work?

  • Once your enrolment application has been accepted by the school you can apply for a Bursary. It is recommended that you apply for a Bursary the year prior to a child commencing with the school.
  • You apply for a bursary by completing the Bursary Application Form, which includes a $150 assessment fee to the Admissions Team. If successful and you accept a Bursary to the school, the assessment fee will be returned to you via your school fees schedule.
  • The Admissions Team will direct you to our Bursary Scheme Portal.
  • The information (financial) you provide into the portal will be reviewed and assessed by Edstart, who are partnering with St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar. The school will never see the financial information you provide, so your financial privacy is assured.
  • Edstart will provide the school with a bursary value indication based on their assessment.
  • The school will review the bursary application considering a range factors including, but not limited to: place availability, alumni status, siblings, student interview and student performance.
  • The school will then advise if you have been successful in attaining a Bursary.
  • You agree to pay the school via Edstart.
  • Bursaries are reviewed in full every 3 years or when there is a significant change in family circumstance e.g. a sibling joins the school.
  • Applications are open to enrolled and current families.
  • Bursaries are not available to children in the ELC.

About Edstart

St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar is working with Edstart, an education payments company that’s backed by National Australia Bank (NAB), to provide you with management options for your education costs.

Edstart allows you to package education related expenses including fees, uniforms, textbooks and extra-curricular activities, which can then be paid for over 12 months. Payments can even be extended to up to five years after a child has completed their studies.