Domestic School Fees

2024 St Margaret's Berwick Grammar School Fee Structure (Domestic students and permanent visa holders)

St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar School fees are set annually by the School Council and aim to be as inclusive as possible with extras kept to a minimum. The fees include tuition, most activities at school, sports, art activities, computer/device program (Prep – Year 12), contribution to travel and accommodation when representing the school, and internet access.

Year LevelTuition FeesConsolidated ChargesTotal School Fees
Pre-Prep (2 Days)$7,775$7,775
Pre-Prep (3 Days)$11,660$11,660
Pre-Prep (4 Days)$15,550$15,550
Pre-Prep (5 Days)$19,435$19,435
Year 1$17,585$3,450$21,035
Year 2$19,940$3,595$23,535
Year 3$19,940$4,170$24,110
Year 4$19,940$4,170$24,110
Year 5$21,750$5,320$27,070
Year 6$21,750$5,320$27,070
Year 7$25,460$5,725$31,185
Year 8$25,460$5,725$31,185
Year 9$25,460$7,680$33,140
Year 10$26,780$6,525$33,305
Year 11$26,780$5,975$32,755
Year 12$26,780$5,975$32,755

Consolidated Charges

Consolidated charges are levied to cover various items and services supplied at school outside of direct tuition. These include laptops and iPads, software, cyber security, at school internet services and student materials provided by the school, as well as the cost of day excursions, camps, academic, sport and cultural activities.


Building Levy

A levy of $850 will be charged annually to each family enrolled for future capital projects. Families with children only in Pre-Prep (ELC) will be exempt.

Payroll Tax Levy

From 1 July 2024, the school will no longer be exempt from Payroll Tax. A levy of $750 will be charged to each student (a maximum of $1500 per family) to cover this tax. From 2025, this amount may increase to reflect a full year of payroll tax. Families with children only in Pre-Prep (ELC) will be exempt.

Sibling Discounts

A sibling discount on Tuition Fees applies for the second child (10%), third child (25%) and, fourth and subsequent children (50%). Children must be enrolled concurrently.


Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarship or Bursary discounts apply to the Tuition Fee component only.


New Student Enrolment Fees


Application Fee

$110 per child payable when lodging an enrolment application form. Application fees are neither refundable nor transferable.


Enrolment Acceptance Fee

$2,200 per child payable within 14 days of an offer of place to confirm enrolment. Enrolment Acceptance Fees are neither refundable nor transferable.

Notes To The Fee Schedule

School fees are set annually by the School Council. Full school year accounts for the following year are issued in December.

Account statements are available monthly via Nexus/Parent Lounge.


Payment of School Fees and Charges

All fees and charges are to be paid in advance.

The preferred payment method is by Direct Debit through a bank account or credit card. Parents have the option to pay:

  • annually – by 31 January 2024, an early payment discount of 2% on the tuition fee is applicable,
  • quarterly – 10 January, 10 April , 10 July, 10 October or
  • monthly – in 10 instalments on the 10th of the month commencing in January 2024.

Any outstanding balance of fees and charges is to be settled by 10 October 2024.

To nominate your Fee Payment Option and arrange your Direct Debit, please complete the Direct Debit form.

To nominate your Fee Payment Option and arrange your Direct Debit, please complete the Direct Debit form.

Other Services and Charges

The school offers a range of other required and optional services for parents to consider. These include:

  • Charter Bus to and from school (optional)
  • Music Tuition (optional)
  • Tennis Coaching (optional)
  • Booklists (required and purchased via Campion)
  • Uniform (required and purchased via Noone Imagewear or the School’s Second Hand Uniform Shop)
  • Before and After School Care Service (Optional) is provided by Extend in the Junior School.

Fees for optional activities and services are charged in January, or as applicable.


Payment Arrangements



The School is working with Edstart, one of Australia’s leading education payment providers, who help thousands of Australian families manage their school fees and education costs.

Edstart allows you to package education-related expenses including fees, uniforms, textbooks and extra-curricular activities, which can then be paid for over 12 months. Payments can even be extended to up to five years after a child has completed their studies. Find out more.


Government Fee Subsidy

You may be eligible to access State Government subsidy for Kindergarten or CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund for primary and secondary students) in any of the following circumstances:

  • your child is identified by a parent, carer or legal guardian as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • your child is identified on their birth certificate as being a multiple birth child (triplets or more)
  • your child holds, or has a parent or guardian who holds, one of the following:
    • a Commonwealth Health Care Card
    • a Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card
    • a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card or White Card
    • eligible Refugee or Asylum Seeker visa

Eligible parents/guardians are to provide supporting documentation to the school on commencement.


Goods and Services Tax

Goods and Services Tax (GST) may apply to programs and activities (academic and other) and where applicable, will be included on charges for services rendered.


Building and Scholarship Fund

Donations to the Foundation’s Building Fund and Scholarship Fund are tax deductible. These funds assist in the development of the school’s buildings and the provision of a world class education to talented students. Parents are invited to support the Funds through regular or one-off donations.


Overdue Accounts

If full payment of the school fee instalment is not made by the instalment due date, a late payment administration charge of $100 per instalment may be applied to your account. This charge covers the time taken by the administration department in the preparation of correspondence and contacting parents regarding outstanding debts.

Students will not be permitted to register for or attend any voluntary camps or tours when instalments are overdue.

Families may be asked to withdraw their children during the year where fees remain outstanding and may not be permitted to return to the school.


Legal Costs

In the event of default eventuating in parent accounts being handed over for collection, the parent/guardian/s shall pay to the school on demand all costs including, without limitation, all legal costs (on a solicitor/own client basis), all mercantile agents fees incurred by the school in recovering or attempting to recover all amounts outstanding and payable to the school including any dishonour or bank fees incurred by the school relating to the payments made by the parent/guardian/s from time to time.


Termination of Enrolment

One full term’s written notice must be given to the Principal if a student is withdrawing from the school before the end of the academic year, or by the start of Term 4 if not returning the following year. If this required notice is not given, one full term’s school fees will be charged.

Students who receive a Scholarship must remain at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar until the end of Year 12 in accordance with the terms of the Scholarship Agreement. If a student leaves the School prior to the completion of Year 12, the persons responsible for the payment of the student’s fees will be obliged to pay to the school any tuition fees remitted during the period of the scholarship.


Note: It is necessary to specify these conditions to ensure the School operates as efficiently as possible. In all cases, we request that families experiencing difficulties discuss their situation with the School’s Finance Team as soon as possible. Early notice enables all parties to plan for the future more clearly.