Murrundindi visits BGS

On 14 March, BGS was once again visited by esteemed Indigenous Elder, Murrundindi. Murrundindi is the Ngurungaeta (head man/tribal leader) of the Wurundjeri, and is the cultural custodian of his people.

In a time where indigenous cultures around the world struggle to endure, these visits provide a particularly valuable insight into the world’s oldest recorded living culture, and serve a valuable role in helping to preserve this ancient source of wisdom.

It was a very busy day for Murrundindi, who was asked to share his insights with various classes around the school. He discussed Wurundjeri legal practices for a Legal Studies class, allowing a unique insight into how to reconcile traditional values with modern practices.

He then discussed the indigenous connection to the land and the significance it holds to his people in a Geography classroom, highlighting the fact that we could learn a thing or two about how to best take care of our planet and local environment.

He was then invited to share some stories and discuss the oral nature of storytelling of his people.

After some more adult business of helping to inform the planning of our School’s Reconciliation Action Plan, the afternoon saw him teaching all of Year 7 and 8 an Indigenous version of football, played using a possum skin ball. Students were then invited to throw some boomerangs that Murrundindi had made himself.

The boys were on their best behaviour throughout the day, and they must be commended for the level of respect and enthusiasm they showed towards our special guest. We look forward to Murrundindi’s next visit and learning what we can from his wisdom, and we thank him for sharing his time with us.

Mr Sean Pieper
MySummit Extra-Curricular Coordinator