12 Hours of Human Powered Vehicle Fun

The Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) squad recently competed in Round 3 of the Victorian HPV Series at Casey Fields. The duration of this event was 12 hours which allowed plenty of riding time for our students. We were fortunate to have over 40 parents, friends, supporters and former students come to the event and visit the 54-student strong squad in action. Many of our riders achieved personal best times throughout the race as they continue to develop their fitness and vehicle riding ability as the season progresses.

We achieved some fantastic results at this event, cementing our place as the leading school in the Victorian HPV Series with one round remaining.

Our Open team was made up of Lachlan Webb, Sam Thompson, Clare McCurdy, Phoebe Thompson, Miller Marks-Boulton, River Dixon, Jordy Graziano and Rylan Hall. All rode exceptionally well in a new vehicle and finished the race with a win in their category (Open.) Chrysaor was also competing in this category and rode a competitive race to come home in ninth place. The team was comprised of Ben Bryant, Max Walton Briggs, Ovin Jayawardana, Trent Mitchell, Evan Johnson and Bill He.

The Senior Secondary category was very competitive, however, Meagan Hansen, Alisa Johnson, Connor Beck, Oliver Ward, James Agahi, Callum O’Connor, Megan Keramidas and Caitlyn Lake charged home with some exceptional final stints to take third place.

In the Middle Secondary category we achieved superb results! With the expectation of both teams finishing in the top five of this category, our riders did not disappoint! Olivia Ford, Cooper Webb, Tallis Pritchard, Tully Webb, Stella Delardes, James McCurdy and Teleigha Hall brought Zeus home in first place and Ceilidh Armstrong, Jamie Elfick, Ashton Keramidas, Misha Ravipati, Chelaka Ranatunga, Jack Scarborough, Samuel Templar and Sarah O’Connor rode a great race to finish fourth.

The final round of the Victorian HPV Series will be held on Saturday 12 October.

Mr Andrew Lardner
HPV and Cycling Coordinator