2019 – one month in

We are now a month into 2019 – and taking those crucial first steps to make this year the best one yet at Berwick Grammar School.

We were delighted to invite back our four top achievers of 2018 to speak to the classes of 2019 and beyond.  The boys all shared their wisdom and tips, and set the tone for the hard but rewarding work ahead of senior school.

After the tremendous results of 2018, the boys have been set a challenge for further improvement this year, a goal that boys from Year 7 – 12 can work towards.  We are already one of the top boys’ schools in Victoria – but as a young school, we are standing prouder and taller each year amongst schools with hundreds of years of tradition.

While academics always remain the primary focus of schools, at Berwick Grammar School a sense of community is always a priority, which is why our wellbeing focus for Term One is Belonging. Noted researcher Brene Brown says that belonging is when we feel completely accepted as our true selves. This differs from fitting in, where we find we have to conform to a set of preconceived ideals.  Belonging allows each person to be seen and valued for who they are.

Boys find that special sense of belonging here at Berwick Grammar in so many ways.  They find it in our shared ethos of Growing Good Men – a guiding principle that governs the endeavours of staff and students alike. They find it in their Houses – in the culture of brotherhood which has only been strengthened by our new pastoral care system.  It has been wonderful to see the various House events taking place – with Battye caring for each other by having senior boys run a sausage sizzle for younger boys, and Forsyth connecting with the world around them by learning about (and sampling the delicacies of) Chinese New Year.  Boys also find that sense of belonging in their classes, their sporting teams and bands, and in clubs of all kinds including Debating, Art and Chess.

Bonds will only strengthen as the year continues and our new vertical pastoral care system gives boys of all ages even more opportunity to interact.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys, Wellbeing