Advancing Science and Engineering Lab Learning (ASELL) Project

On 22 February, the St Margaret’s Science department hosted the ‘Advancing Science and Engineering through Laboratory Learning for Schools (ASELL) Project’. In collaboration with Deakin University the school developed effective and engaging laboratory learning activities which included:

  • targeted elements of science inquiry;
  • adjusted levels of student independent investigation;
  • an engaging context relevant to students;
  • a contemporary science dimension; and
  • encouragement of science conceptual learning.

The St Margaret’s School Science workshop welcomed nine visiting teachers from our local community, six staff from St Margaret’s and a class of our students to collaboratively investigate possible solutions to some real world problems. Student responses were positive and provided valuable instant feedback. Staff reflected on the professional support provided by Deakin University and the ease at which current issues could be further investigated in our science laboratories. A wonderful network of educators was established to further refine and develop our teaching of Science within our community.

Mrs Deborrah Francis
Assistant Learning Leader (Science)