Alex Kraan – Emergent 2018: VCE Graduate Showcase

Each year, The Emergent: VCE Graduate Exhibition held by the City of Casey at Bunjil Place, celebrates the best in young peoples’ artistic endeavours.

The selection process is vigorous, and this year Alex Kraan was selected as one of the exhibitors. Alex, who completed Units 3 and 4 – Product Design and Technology as a Year 11 student, spent eight months designing and constructing his contemporary chair (pictured), challenging himself to create something that defied the limits.

The chair consists of over 40 curved pieces of plywood cut on a CNC router which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The base is bent tubular steel that Alex welded in an external workshop, and high tension steel cable that suspends the chair from the base. The base is electroplated, which allows for the slight colour shift.

Alex is very proud that his piece is eye-catching and out of the ordinary and he hopes he inspires visitors to the exhibition to have a second look, to determine how he was able to achieve such a unique result.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys Wellbeing