Alpine Endeavour

Challenge. This is one of the many aspects that make up the Year 9 Endeavour Program at Berwick Grammar School.

The Alpine Endeavour, held in the Victorian High Country, certainly challenged our students both mentally and physically. It is designed to take students out of their comfort zone and into an environment few have experienced.

For example, the expected temperatures for the week were maximums of 8 degrees and overnight minimums of 0 to -3 degrees! The boys were divided into groups and then set off on their respective hiking routes. Two groups started by hiking up the side of Mt Bogong, whilst another group began their hike from Falls Creek. Throughout the week students refined their skills in navigating, tested their cooking abilities and physically pushed themselves to their limits.

It was physical and mentally challenging, but also very rewarding – Will Hutcheon

A once in a lifetime experience – Sachila Perera

I learned that I can continue to push on when it gets really hard. I also discovered that a group can’t work efficiently unless you all work as a team – Matthew Merrilees

Our Alpine Endeavour concluded with all groups meeting at Cope Hut for a big cook up. It was wonderful seeing the boys getting together and sharing stories of their experiences from the week. It was also a fantastic opportunity to reflect on how our boys had been challenged and how, through their determination and commitment, they had conquered the Alpine Endeavour.

Mr Andrew Lardner
Year 9 Coordinator