Alpine Endeavour

From 6 to 10 May, eighty Year 9 boys and girls headed out on the Alpine Endeavour. After a quick stop in Mansfield to sort out their packs the buses dropped the students at Telephone Box Junction. From TBJ 6 groups headed in different directions to tackle the challenges of the week ahead in a range of different situations in the Mt Stirling region.

Students spent the week hiking through the picturesque Victorian high country, facing the challenges of extreme weather (wind, rain and even snow) and most importantly learning about their personal strengths. Students supported and encouraged each other and worked extremely well together to ensure that tents were pitched and packed up, food was cooked, and gear carried between each camp site. Many groups were able to visit some of the famous high-country huts (which provided a warm refuge from some pretty heavy snow) and walk to the summit of Mt Stirling.

Over the course of the week students bonded, supported and encouraged each other to achieve things they previously thought may not have been possible. Every student was personally challenged to learn something about themselves and to realise that with perseverance they are able to achieve anything.

Ms Fiona Foreman
BGS teacher