Alpine Endeavour

Last week the Year 9 Boys completed the Alpine Endeavour. The weather was very extreme as we jumped off the bus at Falls Creek to commence a week of hiking, but more importantly, a week of learning about our strengths, weaknesses, our ability to survive in the elements and to achieve things which we may have thought previously impossible.

The weather was certainly the talking point of the week. Winds blowing at 40-60km/h on Tuesday afternoon, and then gusting to 110km/h in the evening certainly made conditions challenging, however, all the boys persevered thrived in the conditions.

Climbing Mt Cope was a physical challenge for many, but the views were worth it! On Thursday night all 3 groups came together and enjoyed a warm meal whilst sharing their tales from a week of hiking in some of the most picturesque places in Victoria.

Every boy who attended learned something about themselves and challenged themselves in some way. This is a very important part about discovering who they are and how they handle different situations when placed outside of their comfort zone.

Mr Andrew Lardner
Year 9 Coordinator