Approaching your limits

Approaching the limits

Not the limit of our skills.

Not the limit of our knowledge.

Not the limit of our physical capacity…

It’s almost always the limits of our internal narrative. Our guts. Our willingness to be kind, to believe, to care enough to leap.

We can’t do anything about the limitations of physics, and we can never do enough to change the limitations of our culture. But we can begin today on changing the internal limits we place on ourselves.


These words by Seth Godin resonate with me. They are a reminder that our ability does not prevent us from moving forward in our lives but more importantly, it is what we tell ourselves. Too often, we look for a reason or excuse to prevent ourselves from achieving greatness. Such greatness does not need to have a monetary value, a social standing or any type of external approval. Personally, I believe such greatness is linked to one’s values. If you like and respect yourself enough, you will have the strength of Character to ‘leap’.

At St Margaret’s, from the minute we meet, this is something that is encouraged in our girls. The vertical House structure allows students to empathise with the array of limitations that their older and younger peers experience. Therefore, they experience firsthand, that there are things out of our control but more importantly that a positive mindset can negotiate any obstacle.

Our aim is to empower our girls to adopt this mindset early, to support them ‘to be kind, to believe and to care enough to leap’. As the year 12’s final year ends, I hope that our girls understand the importance of accepting who they are. To know and recognize the things that are in their control but the positivity, and self-belief to step forward with confidence into whatever life hurls their way.

I close with the insightful words of Dr Seuss,

‘You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. You are the ’girl’ who’ll decide where to go.” ~ Dr Seuss

Mrs Deborrah Francis
Head of Senior Girls -Wellbeing


Seth Godin