ASX Schools Sharemarket Game 2018

The trading has begun for the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game. Students receive a virtual $50,000 that they use to buy and sell shares in 220 companies listed on the ASX. They have 10 weeks to make as much money as possible by buying low and selling high. Sounds simple enough but the game mirrors the real stock market so their choices are influenced by events in the real world.

After one week of trading Mason Bursill (with his aptly named company Solid Money) has posted the highest profit in the school at the close of business on Friday March 16. Not only is he leading the school with a profit of $52, 313.53, but this also places him 19th overall in the state and 63rd in the country out of over 14 000 players.  Barely Financial (Angus Bares) and The Riv Enterprises (River Dixon) round out the top three spots.

The competition runs till May 16th when we will crown our school champion. Still plenty of time for those who have suffered losses in the first week to turn your fortunes around.

Happy trading.

Mr Greg Ashcroft
Assistant Learning Leader Humanities.