Author Michael Pryor – Fantasy writing workshop!

On Wednesday 15 May we were privileged to have Michael Pryor, author of a staggering 39 novels deliver workshops to our Year 8 students. Michael taught the boys what good writers do and shared a number of secrets that successful writers employ.

Michael spent two lessons with the boys methodically taking them through the process of developing settings and character when writing fantasy fiction. In a highly engaging presentation Michael captured the imagination of the boys and helped them dream that they too could one day be an amazing writer. Importantly, this is not a one-off session. We will be building on the learning that happened this week and Year 8 students will commence a creative writing unit of work next week. Many thanks to Ms Chazbek Head of English who arranged for Michael to visit. We very much look forward to what the boys produce after such an inspiring session where they learned so much.

Mr Ron Ruzzier
Year 8 English teacher