Battye House Assembly

The Battye House Assembly organised by Mr Rodwell and Harkireth Calais was a great success. Being given the honour to present Battye Bulldogs to the rest of the school, the blue boys did not disappoint. Sean Dack and Dylan Girotto kicked off the assembly by playing an impressive rendition of the procession on their guitars. This was followed by Mason Bursill and Max Walton Briggs reading the Acknowledgement of Country and School Prayer, respectively, as each assembly is traditionally begun with. Harkireth Calais then shared the qualities that have made the Battye Bulldogs so successful, right from their foundation. On the topic of the foundation of Battye, Joshua Bury then spoke brilliantly about the rich history within the House, including the founder(s) and cult figures of the house. But then it was show time! Miller Marks-Boulton and Dylan Wijayakoon once again showed Berwick Grammar School just how talented they were by presenting a Battye-inspired rap in front of the entire school. Not only was it entertaining, but it wowed the crowd in arguably the standout performance of the assembly. To end proceedings, Gavin Li performed a breath-taking solo flute performance which was extremely impressive, showcasing how brilliant the Battye boys truly are. Battye House has mostly definitely set the bar high for Forsyth and Richards!