BGS ASX Stockmarket Report

After a brutal Easter session the fortunes of our earlier leaders have plummeted.

Solid Money (Mason Bursill) has slipped down the ranks to be 5th overall in the school competition. In 4th place is Team Victory (Victor Cai),  3rd sees Team No U (Alasdair Moloney, Zachary Mohamed and Kaelen Dekker) and 2nd  place Team Riv (River Dixon) leapfrogging Mason for bragging rights.

There are two weeks of trading left so the game is not won yet but our very own staff member Mrs Bronwyn Wyatt has been holding the lead with a comfortable margin over the pack. Mrs Wyatt is currently sitting in the top 100 for the country and 31st overall for the state.

Names will be withheld but Team Starman and Team New Money have comfortably secured the bottom two spots and are currently battling it out for last spot. It is a fierce competition with Team New Money currently down $5,000 and Team Starman matching their pace.

Keep trading until the final bell and may your fortunes rise.

Mr Greg Ashcroft