BGS Backyard Skills Challenge

Whilst our PE staff at BGS couldn’t physically be present with their students during the remote learning period, it didn’t stop them from trying to demonstrate their own skills as part of the BGS Backyard Skills Challenge.

Each Monday lunchtime a new set of videos would be uploaded where PE staff set a range of physical skills challenges for our students to try and beat. Sports included Cricket, Football, Tennis, Golf and quite a few other co-ordination based challenges.

Whilst all three houses were actively viewing the challenges it was Battye House who really took up the challenge of posting videos of their achievements. Whilst Gordon and Dashan of Year 8 ‘got the ball rolling’ with the AFL figure 8 challenge, it wasn’t long before our golfers got on board, with Jack Scarborough, Thomas Battye and Brodie Mack showing the BGS community why we are the current SIS Golf Champions. Miller Marks-Boulton’s creative editing in the ‘tennis ball throw’ challenge, and Year 7 student Charlie Maher (pictured) was the first student to post videos across multiple challenges. The Backyard Skills Challenge, in conjunction with the BGS Strava Challenge was a great way for the boys to stay active in between classes during remote learning and has stood them in good stead for their return to regular PE lessons.