BGS Running Club is Back

Running Club at BGS is back. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.00 am students and staff meet at the gym and run intervals (Tuesday) and a long run (Thursday). Students of all abilities are encouraged to come along. On our long run we loop back and give loads of high fives encouraging each other to run at our own pace. Already we are seeing improvement in the general fitness of the students who participate.  We have shower facilities in the gym available post run and cereal provided at The Lunch Box. The group is a mix of boys from all year groups and it is a fun and positive environment. We have even had old boys and parents come along (old boys and parents need to have a working with children check to participate).

We are aiming to support two major events this year as a club, Run Melbourne and Melbourne Marathon. These are big events with big entry fees, but they are great fun and a good way to experience racing. Personally, I am looking forward to running the half-marathon with the boys at Run Melbourne and volunteering again at Melbourne Marathon. Obviously, the highlight of my year will be running the New York Marathon with Ms Foreman. My event season starts on the long weekend at the Warburton Trail fest. I encourage all members of our community to join in with the running clubs offered at our school and Parkrun on the weekend, you will be surprised at what an amazing and supportive community you can be part of when you put your shoes on and head outside.



Half- Marathon Training Plan

You are 23 weeks out from the run now, training plan is 12 weeks long but you need to be in a space to complete the training starting in 11 weeks, you will notice there is a lot of running (starting at 19kms/week) so if you are not running now you will need to start.

General rule is that you cannot increase by more than 10% or 20 mins total per week… so if you ran both runs with us last week… you did 80 mins total, you could do 100 this week.  Getting to 19kms in a week is about 140 mins on legs.  Remember time on legs is what counts not pace.  Please don’t consider this unless you have the space to train.

Ms Delanie Lewis
Head of Forsyth House




Delanie LewisHead of Forsyth House