Book Week 2019

In Week 7, boys from Year 7 to Year 12 joined in the fun of Book Week 2019.

This year’s theme was “Reading is my Secret Power” and the Library was displayed with photos of their English teachers and Library staff in super hero costumes holding their favourite books.

A weeklong “Guess the title Rebus” competition was held for both Staff and Students.  The winners were Amir Ali and Xavier Kusli from Year 8 and Ms Cook and Mrs Bourke shared the staff prize.

There were also lunchtime competitions – “Find the secret character hunt”, a “Word search race” and a “Super power matching game”. Congratulations to Callum Borthwick, Gavin Li, Joel Owens and Patrick Robinson of Year 10 who triumphed at these activities.  All these boys won Book Vouchers and a small box of chocolates to share.

Mrs Nicola Farmer
Head of Libraries