“Bring forth the lion in you”

Over the years, St Margaret’s has maintained a wonderful tradition where our current Year 11 students are inducted into their role as leaders for the following year. On the 29 October, 57 girls pledged their promise to be guided by our school values as they strive to attain their personal best in their studies, to build respectful relationships and fulfill their roles as leaders of our school.

Two messages were presented to the girls; the first, a reminder of the confidence that our school community has in them, as our leaders. For the second message, I asked them to think about the following questions;


In the jungle, which animal is the biggest?

I bet you all answered the Elephant.

In the jungle, which animal is the tallest?

I am sure you all thought of the giraffe.

Who is the wisest animal in the jungle?

I bet you answered the owl or a fox.

Who is the fastest animal in the jungle?

I am sure you all thought of the cheetah.

Amongst all of the wonderful qualities I have mentioned where would the lion fit? He does not have any of these qualities yet we refer to the lion as the King of the jungle.


Because the lion is Courageous. The lion is bold. The lion is always ready to face any challenges, any barrier that crosses his path, no matter how big or bad they are.

The lion walks with confidence. He is a risk taker and he takes every opportunity that is presented to him.

What then, do we learn from the lion?

We learn that you don’t need to be the fastest,

You don’t need to be the wisest.

You don’t need to be the smartest.

All you need is Courage. All you need is to be bold. To be willing to try.

Believe it is possible. And that you can make a difference.

Therefore, my second message to our leaders of 2020-

It is time to bring forth the lion in you.


I think we can all learn a great deal from this concept of leadership. Irrespective of what we do for a living, we are all leaders of our own destiny, through the choices we make every day. May the path we lead always hold true the values of Respect, Curiosity, and good Character and, like the lion, be Courageous.

It is with great pride that I congratulate the following leaders of 2020.

Mrs Deborrah Francis
Head of Senior Girls Wellbeing

School Captains Yebin Yang

Kara O’Sullivan

Year 12 Captain Hannah Ramsden
Gipson House Captain Amy Herbert

Maya Loeckenhoff

Campbell House Captain Tahlia Lane

Christine Lu

Cunningham House Captain Caitlin Taylor

Jessica Elfick

SRC Captain Priya Walker

Dimpy Kohli

Social Service Captain Elizabeth Day
Music Captain Sienna Wynne-Yorke
Sports Captain Jessica Day
Art Captain Xingtong Huang
Dance Captains Mia Burridge

Emily Ferdinands

Debating Captain Sabrina Ward
Drama Captain Courtney Hill
Duke of Ed Captain and Diving Leader Tara Matheson
Environment Captain Ida Gaulke
HPV and Cycling Captain Alisa Johnson
Public Relations Ambassadors Campbell – Ayangee Kumaranayake

Cunningham – Jazz Swindells

Gipson – Neleesha Perera

Music Leaders  
Choir Jessica Elfick
Orchestra Leader Hannah Ramsden
Symphonic Winds Nithini Kodipila Arachchige
Music section leaders Soprano – Jessica Elfick

Mezzo – Naomi Drego

Alto – Henna Hasanovic

Sports Leaders  
Equestrian Ruby Keon-Cohen
Swimming Romanie Morgan
Cross Country Amy Herbert
Athletics Georgia Asling
Stagecraft leaders Tiana Liyanage
Social Service leaders Ida Gaulke

Georgia Asling

Phoebe Thompson

Mumu Mahjabin Hossain