Can Young People Be Leaders?

Part of the Growing Good Men Project is leadership – and all boys at Berwick Grammar School explore leadership at each Year Level.

In a recent PSE Session in Year 8, Ms Cook posed the question – Can Young People Be Leaders?  The boys came up with some thoughtful responses:

  • “I believe young people can be leaders because they have a fresh view on life. They are much more modern compared to someone older and they have a lot more energy”. William M
  • “In my belief young people can most definitely be leaders. To be a leader doesn’t mean by equating with years of accomplishments but to have the creativity to acquire knowledge, understanding of  emotions and lastly to have the wisdom to be a great and memorable leader”. Jack S
  • “With the introduction of social media into today’s world, children/young adults have been able to share their thoughts and ideas, and lead others to what they believe is right”. Jeremy and Dion
  • “We still require the wisdom of elder people from previous generations to essentially guide the future. But unfortunately they may not be all as well educated in the problems of the modern day.” Declan
  • “Young people have the youthfulness to give adults a different perspective of modern society while adults can teach young people experience to make the right decisions. Also, if young people become leaders from a young age, this will in turn make them experienced and even more qualified when they are older”. Achila
  • “The youth are the voice of tomorrow, and are the people who will guide humanity forward. They have an incredible sense of energy and youthful exuberance. Additionally, they motivate each other to do better. Young people challenge the boundaries that hold them back and use their creativity to push the human race forward”- Brian
  • “Technically speaking, everyone is a leader. We all have different passions and care for different things. Due to this we all have the ability to take action and make a change. Thus, each and every one of you is a leader. Know that you each have a gift; the gift of empowerment. You all can influence one another to make the world a better place”. Jake

After this, the boys explored some examples of young people who had shown great leadership and chose one who inspired them.  It was wonderful to see so many young men choose inspirational young female leaders:

  • “I believe that the most inspirational young leader out of the bunch was Joan of Arc. The reason being is that as a young female, she was able to defy the expectations of woman back in the Medieval period…” Jeremy.
  • “For me I think Malala stood out the most because she spoke up for all the innocent girls who were banned for going to school. She made a voice for all girls and also sent out a message to the whole world and the Taliban that girls deserve same rights as men and that girls can speak out”.  Ronald

At the end of the session, the boys had looked at everyday leadership and explored how even just asking someone if they are ok, or inviting a boy sitting by himself to play basketball were great examples of leadership.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys, Wellbeing