Careers News

Term 1 has certainly zipped by! Conversations have commenced with the Year 12 students as we discuss their career and study aspirations! Students have had the opportunity to hear information about key tertiary providers and from Latitude Global Volunteering last week about overseas opportunities for a Gap year post-secondary school.

In Futures, Year 10 students have constructed a personal resume, completed their Safe@work modules, and have had a study Sensei presentation from Elevate Education. This session provided the students with specific strategies that they can put into action now to assist them to prepare well for their midyear exams. Next term, Year 10 students will develop a solid understanding on safety requirements for their work experience and expectations of what written requirements are to be completed whilst on placement.

The Year 11 students have had a number of guest presenters during term one. A Youth worker from YSAS (Youth Support & Advocacy Services) chatted with them about drug and alcohol issues. The session was engaging, informative and gave the students concrete strategies on how to keep themselves safe and how to look after their mates. Further information can be found at

Year 11’s have also participated in an Elevate Education Time Management session. The strategies presented focussed on 4 key areas:

* finding the time to study
* prioritising
* reducing the amount of work
* doing the work.

An interesting takeaway that may be powerful for some students who get distracted easily, was the “focus me” and “self-control” apps. Designed to assist students to block their social media during study blocks.

Jodie McCarthy

Careers Practitioner