Chinese Reading Competition

The Chinese Reading Award is held by the Chinese Language Teacher’s Association of Victoria every year. This competition is a general reading competition open to non-Chinese background students in Year 7, 8 and 9 who are learning Chinese in an Australian school.

This year St Margaret’s students Shania Gamage (Year 8) and Yebin Yang (Year 9) were selected to compete. The Year 8’s reading topic was My Birthday and the Year 9’s reading topic was My Hobby. They read a short, unseen passage and were only given 10 minutes each to prepare on the night. Both Shania and Yebin demonstrated excellent presentation skills and completed their reading task to very good standard.

Yebin won an Encouragement Award. Yebin has participated in this reading competition since she was in Year 7. It is the third time she has won the award.

Mrs April Fan
Chinese teacher