Cross Campus Middle Years House Challenge

To celebrate the end of the first year of our revitalized House System, students across Years 7 – 9 undertook a House Challenge day at the end of classes, focused around problem-solving and togetherness. The Houses paired by Colour to work together: Battye and Campbell (who gave themselves the combined name of the Battyebelles), Richards and Cunningham (who, inspired by Happy Days, became the Richie Cunninghams) and Gipson and Forsyth who must now be pondering their own combined name.

While Year 9 students drew on their City Cite experiences to undertake an Amazing Race around Berwick, the Year 7 and 8 students spent the morning teaching each other – with cooking, design and sport on the table.  The final parts of the day saw Houses work together on House chants to perform together at House Cross Country.

It was a tremendous day led by the Heads of House, and the spirit of togetherness shone through.  Boys and girls embraced the opportunity to work together and celebrated House Spirit.  No doubt this will lead to even more enjoyable House Events in 2020.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys Wellbeing