Drone Workshop

On 10 September, Berwick Grammar School hosted students and staff from Minaret College, Officer for a Drone Workshop presented by the Institute of Drone Excellence (based at Lardner Park).

The workshop was an introductory course into drones where both students and staff were enthralled with both the content and activities.

The session started with a presentation exploring the applications of drones and the safety of these Unmanned Vehicles.  We were also provided an insight into how the drones will partake in a key aspect of our future. After the theory was explored, we applied our knowledge to flying mini drones indoors. The teachers were having just as much fun as the students!

After the drones were flown, with many crashes and undertaking flying challenges, another presentation displayed the latest drone technologies and applications through the Phantom 4 V2 Pro Drone.

The workshop came to conclusion quite quickly after many hours of fun. On behalf of everyone who attended, we would like to thank the Flight Instructors from the Institute of Drone Technology for a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking presentation.

Trent Mitchell
Year 10 student