Drop Everything and Read!

Drop Everything and Read! (DEAR)  That’s just what Berwick Grammar School students have been doing.  On Friday mornings in CARE, every boy in the school is enjoying 20 minutes of silent reading.  Staff have been very impressed by how readily the boys have embraced this new practice and by the wide variety of texts they have been reading.

It has become a real discussion point for the whole BGS community, with boys chatting to library staff about book recommendations for the following Friday.  Staff are also embracing a chance to read, with some eager staff making a point of using their classroom walls to promote the program and model their own reading habits, as pictured.  At assembly Thursday 15 February, Dr Middleton shared his own reading, introducing students to Make Your Own Bed by Admiral William H McRaven, a book encouraging boys to look at how small things lead to leadership, and how it begins with simple tasks like making your own bed.  This will be followed up by more sharing – from boys as well – at future assemblies.

Ninth commander of US Special Operations Command, Naval Admiral William H McRaven’s, complete speech on making your own bed, to the graduating class at the University of Texas, can be viewed through the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxBQLFLei70&sns=em.