ELC delight in new equipment

The Early Learning Centre children and staff would like to sincerely thank the Parents’ and Friends’ Association for their very kind donation of our mud kitchen and beanbags which arrived last week.

The children were delighted when they saw the mud kitchen being assembled and were very curious about what it was. It was quite challenging for them to wait until the last screw was added before they began to make and bake! With the kitchen being located close to the sandpit, the children have been thrilled to pump water from the kitchen tap to then use with their sand-play.

Experimenting with the properties of water, when mixed with sand, has seen them hypothesise about how much water they need to make their inventions stick together, and where the water actually goes when the sand seems to have dried out again. Our little scientists have valued their experiments in conjunction with their role-play. It seems we also have budding masterchefs who have cooked up a storm from our wonderful mud kitchen.

The beanbags have also been a success with the children developing their eye-hand coordination as they throw and catch these materials. In ELC, beanbags have myriad of uses and have even been made available to make patterns and support singing and hiding games. We are so grateful to the Parents’ and Friends’ Association, and the all the families that support their special events and experiences, for supporting the development of our program and children.

A big thank to you from all the ELC staff and children.

Mrs Sue Eden
Director, Early Learning Centre