ELC Picnic

Our inaugural Early Learning Centre picnic was a huge success, with many families appreciating the opportunity to meet with others and begin to develop relationships with the St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School community.

With delightfully warm weather, and much excitement on behalf of the children, we welcomed over 30 families to our night. Commencing the evening with a game to invite families to get to know one another, we had people talking together, to discover similar attributes – birthdays in the same month, same number of children in the family and so on. The special treasure hunt, engaged both adults and children, especially with the reward of a special sticker for those that completed the activity!

Enjoying the sunshine, families spread out their picnic blankets in the playground and relaxed together, with the children happily enjoying their special extra ELC time. Thank you to everyone that came along and made our wonderful evening a success.

Mrs Sue Eden
Director – Early Learning Centre