Enrichment update

The SIS Book in a Day Competition saw a small group of students from Year 7-10 work collaboratively to create a publishable novella, complete with illustrations. Ms Iudica provided her expertise in guiding the boys on how to create a successful narrative, and provided moral support on the day. The final work, however, was entirely created through the hard work of these talented young writers.

Fourteen of our bright and gifted students from Year 7-10 participated in this year’s Tournament of Minds competition. The competition was quite successful, with the boys receiving some positive feedback on the originality of their ideas and their presentation skills. Many of those who participated are keen to do it all again, which will provide valuable leadership for next year’s groups.

The SIS Debating teams made it through to the semi-finals. Despite losing by a close margin, the Berwick Grammar School boys presented some highly compelling reasons as to why ‘clickbait is [not] bad for journalism.’ Oliver Ward, Will Morgan and Kaelan Dekker all performed well with a difficult topic. The highlight of this debate was the extensive use of humour on both sides to win over the adjudicator and audience. We are looking forward to even greater levels of debating success next year. Our already established debaters are now in a prime position to mentor our up and comers.

We would also like to congratulate Kash Gaitley on his appointment as the 2017 BGS Enrichment Captain. He will bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the role, having participated extensively in Enrichment activities during his entire time at BGS. We look forward to working with Kash to help provide the best prospects possible for our boys to seek learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Mr Sean Pieper