Environment Team Bunnings BBQ

Following on from the fundraising success at the Twilight Fair the Berwick Grammar School Environment Team were able to secure a Bunnings Barbeque (thank you to the P & F).  The boys seized the opportunity, and led by the excellent organisational and public relations skills of Angus Bares and Trent Mitchell the team swung into action.  Bakers Delight Berwick donated many loaves of bread and Tasman Meats also supported us by supplying 600 sausages at a reduced price. With such a small outlay, we were sure to be a success.

Angus, Trent, Connor, Rachel Bourke, Jenny Bares and Jason Beck started the BBQ at 8.00 am so we were ready to commence serving from 9.00 am.  The boys were in full swing, manners were excellent and I was so pleased with their efforts.

Due to the wonderful support from Meg Fortington, Gerard Bourke and Alice Carlisle, at 12.30 pm we had our first resupply call!  More bread, onions and napkins and the sausages were selling super-fast! Natalie Petruccelli helped me finish the day watching the boys work hard.  There were two more mercy runs to Coles for additional supplies of sausages and onions.  We learned that we can sell approximately 700 sausages in a day, people prefer white bread with their sausages and Sunkist is a popular drink.  It is also best to bring water to clean up afterwards.

The boys were excellent ambassadors for the School.  The team raised $1405 and together with our $400 from the school’s recent Fair, means that we can proceed with our new garden beds.  I am so glad that the local community were able to see how wonderful our boys are.

In particular, the boys involved were: Ben Fankhauser, Trent Mitchell, Angus Bares, Kurt Kaddy, Connor Beck, Ben Scarborough, Matt Merrilees, Jet Marsham, Kade Lansbury, Sam Thompson, Sebastian Nugara, Januk Gamage.

Ms Delanie Lewis
BGS Environment Team and Learning Leader Science