Environment Team Update

It has been a busy time for the BGS Environment Team since Science Week. After the BBQ raised in excess of $200 we were able to secure worms and start the worm farm. It is located at the back of the canteen and the worms are on a special diet; kitchen scraps but no onion, citrus or potato. To ensure they have that diet the wonderful Lunch Box staff feed the worms. Composting is increasing with many of the boys remembering to use the white bins located outside the senior building, on the basketball court, outside the middle school building, beside the playground and in the library. We are still on a mission to get recycling happening and hopefully that will be up and running by the end of the year. In the meantime can we encourage all parents and students to continue to ‘CHOOSE TO REFUSE’ single use plastics (zip lock bags, gladwrap, takeaway coffee cups, plastic cutlery, single use sauce packets and bottles). Instead use a keep cup (an SMS/BGS cup is ideal), reusable lunchboxes, tubs for yoghurts and bring your own cutlery. Every piece of plastic that you do not use is one less in landfill.

The winners of the Future Earth art competition were Aryan Bhurjhee and Giorgo Milas. They depict two very different futures. These two images remind us of the views students hold about their future. It is timely to remind ourselves to think positively and give a sense of hope by living for the future, not just for the now. When asked about his image Giorgo said the following:

The picture I drew is about the top of a mountain, which has Wind Turbines and a Water Filtering sort of device. Below there is a city with tall buildings. I can say I was trying to go for a realistic drawing, what with no floating islands or futuristic Chrome shiny buildings, more of a Present Day where Recourses such as Coal or Oil are not as plentiful and humanity has finally turned all its efforts for energy into producing Renewable Electricity. I must say that having a McDonalds in the faint background and a casino would be slightly unrealistic in a city that has turned its efforts into producing clean energy.

The Environment Team has been busy planting trees by the oval. We have 125 seedlings in total and have already planted about 60. I would like to thank Trent Mitchell and Angus Bares (Year 9) for leading the younger boys by making this a priority.

As soon as it stops raining, we will be back in the garden, weeding and harvesting (broad beans, onions, celery, beetroot, spinach and garlic). After the holidays, we will be planting the summer crop and completing some maintenance on the beds and the area around them.

Ms Delanie Lewis