Environment Team Update

The first week back at school saw the environment team make a concerted effort in the garden on Thursday.  We harvested a huge amount of broad beans and some spring onions.  We cleared the broccoli out and made the two beds ready for summer crops.  With high temperatures in the coming weeks we will need to be out watering regularly and ensure our plants are getting the best care.

After the big harvest, we decided to celebrate and enjoy some of the produce.  Ms Carlisle and I set up a room in the middle school as our makeshift kitchen.  To our broad beans, onion and garlic we added some pasta, pasta sauce and some pecorino.  Friday lunch was a celebration of our hard work in the garden.  With beetroot, spinach, potatoes and celery almost ready to harvest I can see next week’s cooking being even more exciting.

The environment team meets in the garden on Thursday and Friday at lunchtime.  Boys also have to help weed and water regularly in the upkeep of the garden.  This term has been the first time in 2017 when we have started to cook as well.  We are hoping that can become a fortnightly occurrence.

If your son would like to join the environment team please contact either Ms Carlisle or myself.

Ms Delanie Lewis