Kitchen Garden

This is the busy time of year in the garden.  The boys have managed to keep on top of the watering and have some corn, zucchini, tomatoes, basil and carrots in as new crops  The rabbits have been at the beds again and we lost the capsicum and some of the corn.  To replace our loss, we have some seeds propagating in the green house.

Friday saw us cook again with spinach, beetroot, chives, onion and celery from the garden featuring.  We had a wonderful beetroot and spinach salad and spinach pasta.

The environment team would like to make special mention of Mrs Chipperfield for her kind donation of a gardening book, Ms Di Tan for some strawberry plants and Mrs Jo Lansbury for her seeds  Any donations of wire (for a rabbit proof fence) or seedlings for the summer crop can be made by contacting either Ms Alice Carlisle or Ms Delanie Lewis.

Paper Recycling and Composting

Can we remind all boys as they clean out their lockers that the paper recycling bins are for paper only.  This means that they cannot have: laminated paper, tissues, binder books (with the steel binding included), plastic sleeves, textbooks, any paper that has been plasticised – ie: it’s shiny, any notebooks with plastic covers or heavy cardboard.  The environment team has been really disappointed when there have been not only the above mentioned items but also plastic plates, gladwrap, chip cups, coffee cups and food items left in these bins.

Composting is going well with the main bin now full and the rotary bin needing to be included in our mission to reduce our food waste going to landfill.  Please remember that no meat, dairy or non-paper food wrap can be included in the compost.