Fitness Testing

Well done to all boys in Year 7-10, who have made a sensational effort with their fitness testing this semester in Physical Education, all results are now in and completed.

The No 1 goal in fitness testing, is setting personal goals based on prior attainment, working hard and putting the effort in to try and smash those goals, there is a real lesson in Determination and Resilience here.

We have loved seeing the look on many faces when personal goals have been achieved and in many instances exceeded.

There were a number of great success stories this year, however, one in particular is a superb story of a student who has been making a huge effort to develop a healthier lifestyle and increasing levels of physical activity and training in his life.

After achieving a Poor rating for his beep test in Year 7 in 2016 and feeling disappointed, he set himself clear goals and worked hard in a few key areas.

In 2018 he achieved a rating of Outstanding for his age in the same test and that same student came 1st in the SIS Cross Country Carnival for Year 9 competing against all other SIS Schools this year. Congratulations Jordan Graziano amazing achievement.   Huge progress, with clear goals a huge serving of effort, resilience and determination and the results were remarkable.

The top 3 ranking is certainly not the be all and end all, personal progress and goal setting is always the priority with our fitness testing, however, it is nice to celebrate some of the high achieving results from each year level. You’ll see these posters up around school in year level areas.

Well done boys, keep up the great work and keep active.

Mr Nick Simpson