Forsyth Start of Year

Gold is the colour of winners, and students in Forsyth have begun the year with a winning attitude.

The new home in the old Senior Building is currently being re-designed to allow for a warm and homely environment. The first target was the old Year 11 Common Room, now the Forsyth Common Room known as The Falcon’s Nest.

With Ms Lewis at the helm, Forsyth will no doubt be a House focused on health and wellbeing as well as sustainability.

Our mentors also add their own flair to the culture of Forsyth House. Ms Li has introduced the boys to many of the customs of Chinese New Year, including the tradition of eating dumplings, which the boys were quite happy to undertake as well.

In addition, Edward Ren produced some beautiful calligraphy celebrating New Year and the Year of the Pig which is on display in the building and around the school.

We also welcome two new Mentors to the House, Mr Jose Rault and Mrs Fiona Foreman. Both bring a wealth of knowledge and zest to the House and have been well received by boys.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys (Wellbeing)