From the Head of Junior School – 28 November 2019

Jogathon – a great success
Last Friday’s inaugural Junior School Jogathon almost signalled that we are on the home straight to the end of another year. Thanks to Thomas Battye in Year 6 for this initiative as part of his Compass Award, which is open to all Year 5 and 6 students.  The children walked, ran, jogged and skipped around the pristine front oval in an attempt to raise money for the School. Thomas and the SRC will decide on how the donated funds from sponsors will be spent. Our purchase will be something from which all students can benefit. Thank you to Mr Hibbins and all the staff for their help and to the many parents who supported us. Even Santa showed up at the event and jogged a few laps with the students! We ask parents and students to send monies raised from sponsorship per lap, to the School Office by Friday 29 November.

Getting ready for 2020
Our Prep 2020 Orientation Morning was a great success last week. WE are excited to announce that we will have three small Prep classes in 2020. Our ELC staff have prepared the children well for this next stage in their learning journey. There was not a dry eye in the house as the children happily spent over an hour with next year’s Prep teacher. They read stories about starting school and learnt the names of their new classmates.

We are finalising class lists for next year; your child will find out who their 2020 teacher is on Tuesday 10 December. It is important that, as parents, you remain positive and open-minded about change. Some children might display feelings of hesitation and reluctance about a new year and moving into a new classroom. This is a normal response. A wonderful website that I have recommended before has very helpful information about starting school. Click on this link to read more.

HPV 2019, Maryborough
I visited the 13 children who represented our Junior School at the HPV Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough on the weekend. It was such an experience as I had no prior knowledge of the event, what it entailed and how exciting it really is. What stood out to me was the real ‘team effort’ behind the race. Staff and parents help to run the event; it cannot happen without adult help and support. The children worked cohesively as a team, cheering each other on as they watched teammates race around the racetrack in their human powered vehicles. Congratulations to the following students and their families for representing the school so well and giving the event their very best effort: Seb Gosling, Audrey Pritchard, Sarah Schreurs, Jonte Padula, Emily Ford, Lauren Nelson, Maggie and Amber Flanders, Mikayla Delardes, James Pursell, Lincoln Clamp, Lucas Algie and Mariska Matin.

Congratulations to the Year 6 cohort of students who capably presented their PYP exhibition. The creative works were a fine example of learner voice, choice and action. The way in which each student was able to competently articulate their inquiry and answer questions with conviction was mind-blowing! My thanks to Melissa Graham, our PYP Coordinator, and the two amazing Year 6 teachers Kate Flood and Jo Cardullo.

We are looking forward to our Presentation Night on Thursday 28 November which will be a celebration of the achievements and efforts of all Year 4 to 6 students. Parents and students can expect presentations from staff and students, awards and musical performances. Students are expected to be in full summer uniform and neatly presented.  Thank you in anticipation of your attendance and support.

I hope we see many families at our final assembly for 2019 on Monday 9 December as we celebrate the year. After School on that day we will celebrate the end of the year with class parties for Prep to Year 4 students from 3 to 4pm. I look forward to seeing many families there and talking with you more about the great year we have had. A reminder to not send food to school with any nuts or kiwi fruit as some students are highly allergic to these foods. Many thanks for your assistance.

Ms Louise Sayar
Head of Junior School