From the Head of Senior Boys – 29 March 2019

As a reader, I often find it interesting when I come across the same idea in different places again and again.  Recently, this quote by management expert Peter Drucker kept appearing before me: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

What Drucker means is that culture is the foundation of any organisation, whether it be a business, a non-profit, or even a school.  The culture in schools either supports a community of learners or gets in the way of that learning.

That’s why we are so fortunate here at Berwick Grammar School – our culture of ‘Growing Good Men’ supports an environment that allows boys to thrive both personally and academically.  Our wonderful staff, like Mr Rault pictured here eating lunch with some of the Forsyth boys, are passionate about not only their learning areas, but also about teaching boys and reaching boys.  They provide tremendous support in the co-curricular programs – music, enrichment, drama, sport, HPV and more.  Many give up hours of their week to help nurture our students in these most important areas.

These last few weeks have been particularly busy for the BGS boys, with SIS Sport well and truly underway and special tournaments for Golf and Chess taking place last week. Our combined boys’ and girls’ HPV teams continue to set the standard for other schools. DAV Debating began recently and next week sees both boys and girls pitting their wits against neighbouring schools on serious issues.  And this week, our performing artists take centre stage with the SIS Performing Arts concert in Dandenong hotly followed by the School production – a premiere performance of Felice Arena’s The Boy and the Spy.

Our special guests also contribute to this wonderful sense of community.  Last week we were honoured by a visit from Indigenous elder Murrundindi who continues to ensure that reconciliation and respect remain priorities for our boys.  Our many overseas guests who regularly tour the school also remind the boys of the wider world around us, and the need to consider themselves global citizens as well as local ones.

That’s what makes us special – the young men we produce at Berwick Grammar School.  These fine young men are well-prepared for the opportunities and challenges of a changing world.  With courage, character, curiosity and respect, they will take what they have learned here and make a difference to the broader community.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys, Wellbeing