From the Head of Senior Boys, Wellbeing – 27 February 2020

When people ask me what one of the defining features of Berwick Grammar is, I say the sense of community.  It is walking around a school where you know you are seen and valued, where everyone knows each other’s name.  You may like to test our captains (pictured) as they greet the younger boys when they arrive in the morning.  We know it is the little things like this that contribute to a safe and fulfilling environment.

Now that the year is in full swing, it is time to really explore what BGS has to offer – and this is a message not just to our new boys in all year levels, but even to existing ones.

Mr Pieper has been sending our plenty of opportunities to get involved in our enrichment program, which presents a wide variety of opportunities to develop and hone skills as well as get to know other boys.  Debating is a particularly important element of this program, and the first round of the interschool competition is nearly upon us.

SRC Captains Kurt Caddy and Angus Bare have also offered boys the chance to join this wonderful school team and help raise funds for this term’s charity – the Gippsland Bushfire Relief Fund.

Not only in the SIS Sporting competition underway, but every Sunday you can find boys on the Human Powered Vehicle Team at Casey Fields. There is also morning training for boys in the team and if mornings are your thing, Running Club occurs on Tuesday and Thursday.

In terms of the Arts, budding artists will find a lunchtime each week in which they can pursue their craft.  There are so many opportunities to explore music and every night different bands and ensembles rehearse.  There is also the school musical – aptly named High School Musical – and you’ll need to move quickly if you want to pick up tickets.

We are all about boys finding a spark – in all of the 4As we talk to boys about; Academics, Athletics, Artistry and Adventure.  And there are plenty of opportunities for boys to find it.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys, Wellbeing