From the Principal – 11 February 2016

A warm and heart felt welcome is extended to our St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School community. To the students and families who are new to our school, I trust that you have been welcomed with open arms, and to our returning students I know that you will embrace our newest members into the brotherhood/sisterhood of our wonderful school.

Every school year is special, however this year, 2016, is particularly special as it is the 90th Anniversary of the foundation of St Margaret’s School. On Tuesday 16 February 1926 in the Toorak Presbyterian Manse, under the guidance of Principal Miss Dora Gipson, St Margaret’s School opened its doors to it first enrolment of students. This enrolment totalled eighteen students, fourteen girls and four boys (pictured above).
In regards to curriculum the prospectus included the following outline: The course of instruction will include Scripture, Kindergarten, English Grammar and Literature, History, Geography, Arithmetic, Nature Study, Needlework, Drawing, Deportment, French, Music and Class Singing.

To celebrate our 90th year the following festivities have been planned for Semester 1

• Foundation Assembly (SMS Senior School) – Tuesday 16 February 2016
• Whole School Commemorative Photo – Thursday 18 February 2016
• 90th Cocktail Party – Friday 19 February 2016
• 90th Twilight Fair – Friday 26 February 2016
• 90th Anniversary Cookbook
• Long Story Short Community Art Exhibition – Tuesday 1 March 2016
• The Addams Family Musical – Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March 2016
• 90th Anniversary Ball – Saturday 23 July 2016

Our school community, both past and present, is proud, strong and passionate, built on a solid 1926 foundation and living true the school creed Virtute et Labore – translated by foundation Principal, Miss Dora Gipson as Be Good and Work Hard.

The school looks forward to celebrating this special anniversary with the community and eagerly awaits your enthusiastic support and attendance at our celebration functions.

Mr Doug Bailey