From the Principal – 12 March 2020

The year seems to tumble from one challenge to another. The potential to be overwhelmed is certainly ever present and all of us in education worry as to the effects of different stressors on our young people. At St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar, we recognise this and are doing what we can to ameliorate triggers and manage reactions. As part of our response to assist with managing the current challenges, the next Unicorn Series will focus on children and stress. What is a healthy level of anxiousness? What is anxiety? How do we assist our young people to manage such considerations? I commend to you:

‘What Keeps Kids Awake at Night? Recognising and dealing with anxiousness in children’

Thursday 19 March,

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm

Lecture Theatre,

St Margaret’s School 27-47 Gloucester Ave, Berwick.

This will be an opportunity to hear about recent research in this area. The session will also provide suggestions for educators and parents to deal with challenges children may feel. This event is co-badged with the Australian College of Educators. Young people are welcome to attend with their parents.

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SMSBGS COVID-19 Response

Members of the community will have received an update recently regarding the School’s response to this global challenge. In such situations, schools are under the guidance of a number of authorities both educational and health-related, and we will continue to communicate weekly and more regularly if required, as information comes to hand.

The leadership of the School has been working for many weeks to prepare the school for a variety of scenarios and it is our intention that we continue to operate as normal until directed otherwise. We believe it is important for young people that routines are maintained.

If parents or guardians have concerns, please contact the Head of Junior School, Vice Principal or Principal and we will do what we can to assist, given that many of the factors are in fact outside our control.

One heartening response we have been observing is the collegiality of schools around the world, all of whom are supporting each other and I know many of our students are reaching out to other students with messages of positivity and support.

Please refer to separate communications previously issued relating to SMSBGS COVID-19 and those yet to be received.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Annette Rome