From the Principal – 26 March

This is one of the more unusual Campus News articles I have had to write. I am sitting alone in a very quiet building that normally would be replete with chatter, children and colleagues (as indeed it should be, given the need for self-distancing). While I could share quotes and reflections of others, I actually just wanted to thank our community for all they have done to navigate the storm that is COVID-19 so far.

One of the 21C skills we believe important is ‘being comfortable with being uncomfortable’. Never before in my time at the School (possibly even my career) has this been such a needed approach. Focusing on what we can control, letting go of other matters and sharing vulnerability are possibly key here. Frankly, we do not know what the future holds with regard to the ways our lives may change. One thing, however, is that school is, and will continue to be a refuge, a resource and source of joy for many. So many in our community have shared images of children learning alongside their pet lizards, cats or dogs. People have shared messages they are sending to friends and relatives around the world of Irish dancing, poems, knitting and other projects. These all lift the spirits and make us smile. Feedback from the children tells us that they are continuing to learn and support each other.

We know this current challenge will pass, and though there will be others, I believe we will have learnt a lot more about ourselves, each other and the world. And that is a good thing.

I wish all a peaceful, reflective and happy break as we explore new ways of relating to each other, sharing and celebrating. We will be in touch with arrangements for Term 2 once we have more information.