From the Principal – 3 June 2020

Dear St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar Community,

It is with some surprise that I noted my last Campus News was at the end of Term 1. How the world has changed since then. Recently, communications have been focussed on COVID-19 related updates and wellbeing matters associated with the COVID-19 situation. I do hope that the community has enjoyed the increased social media activity as that became a major medium through which to share activities during our period of remote/on-line learning. A member of our community described the COVID-19 challenge as a tide receding on a beach, exposing the rocks that lie hidden underneath. While some of the rocks are stable, rounded and secure, others are jagged and dangerous. I was particularly grateful for this simile, as it has captured what we have discovered about ourselves and others. Many people have operated to hold and support others safely and securely whereas some have worried mainly about themselves. The same can be said for organisations – what works well, even under stress and what does not.  Even though we might have done some things differently in hindsight (and I note we may not be at the end of the challenge yet), a comment I find myself making often is how proud I am of our teachers and educational support staff at the school. Every one of them pushed themselves in so many ways, while always having at the forefront a deep concern for the students and their families.

Could I also publicly acknowledge the work of the School Council, Senior Executive, School Executive, OH & S Committee and Staff Consultative Committee, all of whom have worked tirelessly to prepare the school initially for distance learning and then for the return of the students.  Our return to school is in fact the third iteration of our school in as many months. No small feat.


Australian Education Awards 2020: Finalists again!

We are delighted to announce that the School has been selected as a finalist in the Innovation in Curriculum Design section of these awards – the only section we applied for.

Two of the 2020 student driven programs that resulted from the CGR work include ‘Every Stitch Counts: Save the Reef’ and ‘Global Meltdown: Boiling Point’ which were entered in the Global Social Leaders Competition. ‘Every Stitch Counts: Save the Reef’ links students from Junior and Senior Schools with other community members to knit a giant coral reef with accompanying information panels and calls to action to be displayed at a local council venue.  ‘Global Meltdown: Boiling Point’ targets the ‘over 45s’ to modify behaviours and adopt more sustainable practices through short challenges, films, memes and key messaging. These projects link to the review of the UN Sustainability Goals. As I write, ‘Every Stitch Counts: Save the Reef’ has been selected from approximately 1000 submissions from over 100 countries for the Global Social Leaders Global Goals Competition Semi Finals. Other projects that have emanated from the students involved include the new Interact initiative (in partnership with Rotary), a plethora of student-led clubs, and some activities planned to support the CFA and other community services.