From the Principal – What We Stand For.

It is always a great pleasure to be involved in school activities. One such current engagement involves selection of the candidates for the next round of the Certificate of Global Responsibility (CGR) program. In the words of one reviewer ‘all (applicants) seem keen to learn from others, improve the planet and grow in their understanding of others and world issues’. Another stated ‘the applicants’ interest, intellect and dedication may once have been known to their teachers and a few peers. Participation in the Certificate of Global Responsibility will enable them to stand out’.

The Certificate has been developed by teachers, students and university academics and we are the first school in Australasia to develop such an award. Through involvement in the program, the students will not only have an opportunity to share their passions but hopefully to be the best people they can be for all humanity and the planet. The Certificate sits alongside other initiatives at the school and will complement the extensive community service, leadership and knowledge programs that already exist. There will be further opportunities to apply for the CGR over the next 12 months.

The students were asked to demonstrate in writing a willingness to develop

  • Curiosity: Knowledge and understanding of interdependence and globalisation, role of identity & cultural diversity, language learning, social justice and human rights, peace building and conflict resolution and sustainable futures in our world.
  • Respect: Values and attitudes to facilitate knowledge of self, knowledge of others, and sense of community with people around the world and to employ ethical understanding.
  • Character to Grow & Courage to Act: Develop a sense of personal identity and self-esteem, caring & compassionate concern for others, commitment to upholding the rights and dignity of all people and the planet, and a willingness and capacity to reflect on and evaluate forms of action, to review progress and to reconsider forms of action.

As we prepare for the forthcoming election and witness the developments regarding adult political candidates and exposure of their foibles, we cannot help but think that educating young people to be global citizens can only but improve outcomes, politically and otherwise, for our world.

Ms Annette Rome