From the Vice Principal – 23 August 2019

Ageless Inspiration for Semester 2
Amidst the “hurly burly” of Semester 2, I have turned to some ageless inspiration and wisdom from Shakespeare with some wonderful lessons and quotes which may shape and guide us all and perhaps inspire our students as we emerge from the darkness of winter into the light and promise of spring. At the heart of each quote from Shakespeare is a message which I hope gives some small guidance for the challenges ahead. It is my hope that they may provoke some reflection and inspiration.

O’this learning, what a thing it is! (The Taming of the Shrew)
Developing a love of learning, curiosity and an inquiring mind is an essential element for the growth of all learners in our care. Fostering a culture which has the dual elements of thinking and learning at its core are central ingredients of the schools of today. How do we foster a love of learning and growth in our students in intellectual, physical dimensions? Regardless, of the answers a community which values, encourages and celebrates learning is one that will flourish both in the immediate and longer terms. Learning is at the core of our School, it is our reason for existence.

Sweet are the uses of adversity (As you Like it)
When reflecting on building resilience in our students, Shakespeare seems almost prophetic in this perspective. If we can teach our students to harness disappointments, confront challenges and overcome adversity, slowly they will build their strength and resilience. This is an almighty challenge of course but we must continually remind them and ourselves that failure can be the best possible opportunity to learn.

A good wit will make use of anything (Henry IV, Part II)
Finding time in your day to have a laugh, most often at ourselves and having a good sense of humour is vital for the well-being of. Finding something that is humorous and light hearted and having a good laugh remains the best possible way to relieve stress and refocus our energies on that which is truly important-helping young people to achieve their very best!

Dr Steven Middleton
Vice Principal